Taking on the vlogging world

Maddie Dufault, Reporter

Sophomores Julian Moore and Cameron Comma have found a love of capturing their lives through the lens of the camera. They constantly think of new ways to influence and entertain the world through the power of social media. They make vlogs that capture many adventures and telling social experiments, but much more lies in the future for the power duo.

I hope you guys all follow me on this great journey I’m going to venture in my life.

— Julian Moore

“We have 211 subscribers,” Moore said. “The most views I have accumulated on one video so far would be 9,300 views on one video.”

The success of Moore and Comma is constantly growing into a larger fan base. Moore first found his love for filming when receiving his first job as a videographer.  

“I got my first job when I was thirteen years old. It was a business venture. I got my second job when I was fourteen. It was for an entrepreneur, I filmed his videos and edited. That was how I found out I had a passion for cameras,” Moore said. “I decided I’m going to make my own content. I really enjoyed doing them and it really brought a positive side to my life.”

Moore learned the process of making vlogs after his job experience. Multiple hours are put into each vlog in order them to be their best. He explained the steps of editing and filming each vlog undergoes.

“So first, before you even start filming, you have to have an idea of what you are going to vlog. This actually works in any aspect of life. First, you need an idea, then you write it down. Then, you create a strategy,” Moore said. “So for a vlog, I write down the idea and think how am I going to get there, how am I going to film it, who is going to be in it.”

Moore decided that he wanted to have a partner with him in his vlog career. Moore asked his friend, Cam Comma, if he would be a part of the vlogging journey with him.

“My good buddy Julian had this great idea to start a revolution. He was like, ‘We are going to start vlogging and making all of these videos, and I need my right hand man to be by my side,’” Comma said. “And I was like, ‘Bro, I can be that right hand man.’ So he kind of just led me. Now we are just having a good time.”

Comma and Moore have created a system in their vlog making. Moore, having had previous experience with the camera side of things, often is filming, but both film and share their video personalities.

“My job is just to be, a video personality. I do film sometimes. Like if Julian wants to do something silly, Like let’s go through Chick-Fil-A drive through I got to film. But if he is like, hey Cam go dance in the store, he’s got to film too,” Comma said. “Everyone has got to pull their fair share.”

Both Comma and Moore have vlogs that standout to them. Moore had to stop and think when asked what his favorite vlog has been. Unable to decide on just one, Moore shared a few that he would call his favorite.

“The second favorite thing I have ever filmed was when my friend walked into a small food court and he took off his shirt and yelled very furiously,” Moore said. “Everyone stopped and just looked at him ad then he walked out.”

Comma explained how he enjoys most, making the vlogs that they call, social experiments.

“My favorite thing to film, definitely are the social experiments we do,” Moore said. “If you are not familiar with a social experiment, its when we go do something that will arouse attention and see how people will react to it.”

Together the vloggers have planned more adventures that they feel will entertain their fans. Moore gave an insight to what the future will hold for their channel on youtube.

“I haven’t made too many videos yet, I only have about 25 on my channel. We are recently starting to take hold of being a content creator,” Moore said. “So every weekend we are going to have videos come out. We are going to do vlogs, we are going to make a couple short films, we are going to make some instagram skit videos. So there will be a lot of content coming out soon.”

Both Comma and Moore a excited about what the future holds for them. They invite everyone to go on the journey with them by subscribing to their youtube channel and following them on instagram.

“I hope you guys all follow me on this great journey I’m going to venture in my life,” Moore said. “It’s going to be real lit. And honestly, I’m excited and I hope you guys are excited. Because you guys are going to be at the start of this.”