Singing to stardom

Alyssa Miller, Features Editor

Gaining internet success and sharing your talents online is happening more rapidly than ever in this day and age. For one individual, him and his brothers are singing their way to internet stardom.

I think Cam has changed after gaining his success in singing because he has now seen what happens when you take action. He now has people that are telling him how amazing his voice is and how good the lyrics are.

— Julian Moore

Sophomore Cameron Comma got introduced to the musical world at a very young age. Comma was inspired by his brother’s, Lennie and Jordon, a dynamic singing duo before it became a trio adding Comma into the group.

  “When I was about six, I got GarageBand for Christmas, and me and my brothers would play until I was about eight,” Comma said. “Then I wanted to do it in real life, so my parents got me a guitar teacher and I started off just playing guitar and then I didn’t discover singing until I was about 13. I got kind of jealous because my brothers would sing without me and I was like well I want to do it too. So then I started singing and I was not too bad and people seemed to enjoy it so I just stuck with it.”

Comma’s dad encouraged the three brothers to begin making content on Youtube so they could share their overflow of talent online. It may have took them some time, but everything eventually fell into place.

“My dad really believed that we could become something from our music abilities and he said that if you can get 12 songs done then he’ll try his best to get us connections and stuff,” Comma said. “So we thought we might as well do it, but we were kind of lazy with it and he said he wouldn’t buy us instruments or anything until he sees us trying. That was like two years of us saying we were going to do the videos until my brother came to us and was like ‘I am starting this company and it could help us. They could take our videos for us and edit them.”

Comma and his brothers dedicate a lot of time to make their videos, and as a result they have formed a bond that has made them closer than ever. The three of them are able to share a common interest that most families do not.

“It’s definitely a bond building thing,” Comma said. “I can definitely say that my brothers are my closest friends just because we spend a lot of time together like writing and coming up with new ideas and just filming together. The main thing is it just really keeps us close.”

The videos Comma has posted on his Youtube and Instagram account have received all positive feedback from his friends and family. One of Comma’s closest friends, sophomore Julian Moore, expresses how glad he is that Comma has began releasing his singing videos and sees how much he is growing from this experience.

“I am glad that he is doing this to put him outside of his comfort zone and to be productive and do something in life that is different,” Moore said. “He has a talent and he is actually going to do something with a talent which most kids don’t do in this day and age.”

Comma continues to share his musical abilities with the internet world. Even though Comma has gained lots of attention from this experience, he always keeps in mind the main reason he loves to sing with his brothers and post his videos.

“You kind of get to a point where you realize you’re doing this for your own enjoyment so what people have to say is the least of my worries,” Comma said.