Top ten homecoming proposal ideas


Courtesy of Charley Temme

Junior Jack Ochoa asks junior Charley Temme to homecoming using his dog, flowers and a sign as props.

With homecoming coming up on Oct. 19, you may be wondering how to invite that special someone to the dance. Here are ten appealing and creative ways to ask someone to homecoming.

1. Use Their Favorite Candy

This idea mainly works if their favorite candy has a wrapper around it. You can execute the idea like a puzzle, by getting seven of these candies and writing the phrase “Would you go to Homecoming with me?” When they figure it out they’ll have to say yes. You can also just use one candy and write the word “HOCO” with a question mark at the end. Overall this is a super simple idea that is sure to work.

2. Pictures

If you have been dating the person you want to ask, you can use pictures that you have with them. Print out the pictures that you have and ask them with “HOCO” spelled out using the pictures. While this may be a more difficult idea, the work will pay off in the end. 

3. The Sign

The classic idea: using a sign with the phrase you want to use. If they play a sport incorporate the sport they play into a homecoming sign to make it more personalized. An example would be, if they played soccer, “It would be my goal to take you to homecoming.” Make it about the person you want to take and make sure to be creative. 

4. Food 

Here’s where it starts getting good. Find out one of their favorite foods and use it. If it’s donuts, spell out homecoming with the donuts. If it’s pizza, bake a pizza with their favorite toppings spelling out, “hoco.” 

5. Use a Pet 

If your crush likes cats or dogs, use a pet.  Make a piece of paper with the question you want to ask and put it on the pet like a necklace. Get flowers and wait for them to come over. When they come over they will see the sign and hopefully say yes. 

6. Romance

This one is for if you are already dating. Take them to their favorite restaurant, hang out for a little bit, or maybe go see a movie. Then bring them to the place you met and, with candles and their favorite flowers, ask if they will go to homecoming with you. 

7. Faking a CSI Scene

The reason this one is at number seven is that it can be either hard or easy. The way to make it hard is to get one of your friends to act as a crime scene investigator, set up a crime scene with everywhere taped off and lay, “dead” with chalk outlining you. Then the friend will go up to the special girl and say that your dying wish was to take you to homecoming. The way you can make it easy is to act dead and next to your body have a sign that says, “will you be my homecoming date?”

 8. The Sunburn

This one is going to take effort and a little bit of pain. Put the word, “hoco” on your chest or back with a question mark. Then after tanning for awhile the words will be imprinted onto your back or stomach. The next step is to go ask that special someone and hopefully, they say yes.

9. Get Arrested

Not literally, but try to find someone who knows a police officer and talk to them about doing you a favor (this idea works best if you are dating the person you want to ask). While giving your date a ride to school have the officer pull you over and tell you both to get out of the car. Have the officer fake arrest you and when you ask for the reason have the officer say well he or she has to just say yes to being your homecoming date.

10. Photo Puzzle

First, get a custom puzzle built of you with, “homecoming” or, “hoco” next to or below you. Next, give them the puzzle and be with them when they are completing it. Once they finish it the question will be asked and it won’t be as nerve-wracking.