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Senior Ava Grosley has been a student of Carlsbad High School for 4 years. For Grosely’s last year at Carlsbad, she is looking forward to senior events and making them even better than years past. 

“I’m going to make some changes in senior events as well as taking into account the perspectives of the class of 2023,” Grosely said. “This year we were able to give all seniors who wanted a parking spot one, and now I’m planning some bonding events that are new, so I will see how it goes.” 

Along with many other seniors and juniors, Grosely lost most of her freshman and sophomore years due to the pandemic. She wants to make the most of her final year at Carlsbad High School through her leadership position. 

“When I was attending Carlsbad online due to COVID-19, I recognized a gap within the class of 2023,” Grosely said. “We as a class missed a crucial year of social development, and everyone seemed grouped up. I wanted to make sure that our class could at least know almost everyone, as well as highlight students for their achievements. I initially ran as vice president, then after serving, I realized I pursued a lot of work. I ran for president so that I could fully represent the class.”

Throughout Grosely’s life, she has had many experiences in leadership roles, such as childcare, debate and Jewish leadership. Grosley has learned from these past experiences to become a better leader herself. 

“There have been a plethora of leadership roles I’ve served [in], and they’ve all taught me to become a better listener,” Grosely said. “Each of the roles I have in those subject matters prepared me to understand that not everything will be perfect and it’s okay. Not everyone will be happy with what you produce, but if you put in as much effort as you could, then it’s okay if some people were disappointed.”

Along with getting to represent and lead her class, Grosley is also excited for her last year in high school. She is striving to give the seniors, and everyone else, a great year.

“I’m looking forward to being able to create memories for the class of 2023 before we graduate,” Grosely said. “It’s important for me to also strive to create an environment at school where not just seniors feel comfortable, but Carlsbad as a whole.”

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