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Roy Kane

Freshman Roy Kane was elected as the Class of 2026 class president. One of Kane’s main goals is to organize events that will create lasting memories for his class. 

“I plan to make everything fun,” Kane said. “From spirit to school events and sports, I want everyone to be involved. Not many people remember their freshman year, but I plan to make things that will make my class remember theirs.”

Kane’s experience as a member of his middle school class council will help him transition into his new position of class president. He plans to use the skills he learned to help him this year. 

“I was in the student council at my middle school,” Kane said. “I ran a lot of events and I ran a lot of assemblies.”

Along with being in the student council, Kane is also involved in many extracurriculars. He wants to be a great role model for the freshman class and other students who may transfer to Carlsbad. 

“I think I’ll do a great job representing the class,” Kane said. “I’m into a lot of things such as sports, ASB and CHSTV. I feel like if a kid transfers to our school and sees our president apart of these things it would be a good example for them to try extracurricular classes and other things like that.”

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