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About Us

Editorial Policy: The Lancer Link is written by the students of the Advanced Journalism class. It is edited by an editorial board who make all content related decisions and are responsible for all material appearing online. The opinions presented in the Lancer Link do not necessarily represent the position of the entire staff, Carlsbad High School, or the Carlsbad Unified School District.

As a public forum for student expression, Lancer Link welcomes letters to the editor and comments on articles, but reserves the right to refuse inappropriate letters and comments. All comments are moderated by The Lancer Link editorial board and must include an email address.  Lancer Link does not accept anonymous comments or letters to the editor and may edit work for grammar and length.

Corrections may be emailed to [email protected]

Mission Statement: The Lancer Link aims to inform the public with credible, thought-provoking information. We hope to inspire change through free expression and diverse perspectives. As student journalists, we strive to present all issues with fairness, impartiality, maturity and journalistic integrity.

Who We Are: The Lancer Link was formed originally in 2008 as a blog with a very small staff and limited content. Over the years, we have grown into a student-run staff comprised of nearly 50 members; including writers, artists, photographers, and a multimedia team. The staff ranges from freshman to seniors, and represents the voices of students from a variety of interests. Varsity athletes, band members, speech and debaters, thespians, and musicians all unite within this team, woven together by their dedication to producing meaningful, impactful, high-quality journalism.


  • Del Mar County Fair 2017 Best of Class- Website
  • CSPA 2016 Silver Crown
  • SNO 2016 Distinguished Site Award
  • NSPA 2016 News Photo of the Year, staff photographer Ariana Ricci
  • Del Mar County Fair 2016 Best in Show- Website
  • NSPA 2016 Spring Convention Website Best of Show (Large Schools)- 5th place
  • Del Mar County Fair 2015 Best in Show- Website
  • NSPA 2015 Spring Convention Website Best of Show (Large Schools)- 8th Place
  • NSPA Critique All-American 2013
  • Del Mar County Fair 2013 Best in Show- Website
  • NSPA 2013 Online Pacemaker Finalist
  • NSPA  2013 Spring Convention Website Best of Show (Large Schools) — 1st Place
  • NSPA 2012 Online Pacemaker Finalist
  • NSPA 2012 Spring Convention Website Best of Show (Large Schools) — 7th Place
  • Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce 2011 Outstanding Educational Program, Entrepreneurial Category

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