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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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Senior Picture Information

Congrats! You’re finally seniors.

One of your first responsibilities as a senior is to take your senior portrait for the yearbook.  PSS Imaging, our studio in Oceanside, is now open for all your senior portrait needs.

Here are some FAQ’s for your senior portraits.

Must I use the school selected photographer?

All seniors must use PSS Imaging to be in the yearbook and have your picture on the big screen at graduation. We DO NOT use senior ID photos taken at registration or photos submitted from other photographers in the yearbook. Other than that, the photographer choice is up to you.

When are they due?

All senior photos must be taken and selected no later than Dec. 6 to be listed alphabetically with the class of 2020.  Pictures taken after December 6 will not be listed alphabetically but will go at the end of the senior portrait section.

BOOK EARLY– If you wait until Dec. 1 to book an appointment there will not be spots left.

Why should I use PSS Imaging for my senior photos?

PSS Imaging offers a wide variety of reasonably-priced packages that start as low as $20.  You can review your options here.

How do I get a picture in the yearbook for free?

FREE photos will be offered at the PSSImaging studio for students who only want to take a photo for the yearbook.  Students who select the free option will NOT get to select their picture for the yearbook or have an option to buy photos. The studio will select your best shot for you. Please make an appointment online.  There is a $35 appointment fee that will be reimbursed when you attend your scheduled session.

How do I make an appointment for photo packages?

Students who would like to purchase one of the packages can make an appointment at this link.

What should I wear?

Before you go to your portrait sitting, please review these tips from the studio. While we do not require formal clothes, we ask that students dress nicely- button up shirts and dresses or nice tops.  We do not allow hats in the yearbook and we prefer no t-shirts. Also please pick tops that will clearly show in a headshot picture (example- try to avoid thin spaghetti straps that will be covered by hair)


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Senior Picture Information