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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

Loud Crowd brings Lancer spirit to basketball

Sebastian Hrisanthopoulos
Seniors Harrison Koenig and Ben Harris cheer on the varsity basketball team with Loud Crowd.

Beginning in 2024, Carlsbad High’s Loud Crowd is bringing their energy, spirit and support to the Lancers on the court. The electric environment Loud Crowd promotes has had a significant impact on the moods of the basketball players.

The choice to bring Loud Crowd to the basketball games was based on its positive impact in other sports. As winner of the 2022 PPR Fan’s Choice “Best Student Section Award” in San Diego County, Loud Crowd is known for its unmatched enthusiasm at CHS football games, and, wanting to have the same energy in basketball as other sports, ASB made their decision to include the Loud Crowd. Senior Harrison Koenig, a member of Loud Crowd and ASB, supports this new decision.

“The Loud Crowd always brings a ton of energy to any sport, no matter what it is,” Koenig said. “Having it at the basketball games really creates a good atmosphere for our team and creates a bunch of memories for the people as well.”

So far, Loud Crowd has made a noticeable difference during basketball games, making the environment more exciting for the crowd and motivating the team to work harder. By starting chants that are known by the students, the Loud Crowd members are able to encourage them to be even louder.

“It’s definitely made it a lot louder,” Koenig said. “We’re able to bring in a bunch of cheers that not only involve the students, but the whole stands as well.”

Senior Ryley Moi, a varsity cheerleader, appreciates the help of Loud Crowd with their cheers. As students show up spirited and matching the themes, it makes the game a more fun and enjoyable experience, encouraging both the cheerleaders and the players.

“It’s nice having them plus [the cheerleaders],” Moi said. “It helps motivate cheerleaders, too.”

One of ASB’s goals for the Loud Crowd is to reach the same energy during the basketball season as it does during the football season. They want to build the basketball spirit back up after not being able to have games during COVID. Junior Johnny Ortiz, a member of ASB, encourages more students to attend the games in order to help the Loud Crowd reach its full potential.

“Just make sure you show up and support,” Ortiz said. “The more people we have, the louder we’ll be and [the] more energy there will be as well.”

Most importantly, Loud Crowd brings a positive impact to the court. Jael Martin, a senior on the varsity basketball team, finds it motivating to have the extra support in the stands. Being undefeated at home, the Loud Crowd has had an obvious effect on the performance of the basketball team.

“The Loud Crowd brings a lot of energy and they motivate us to play harder, especially on the defensive side,” Martin said. “When they’re not there, it’s kinda hard to get motivated, but when they are there, they just really boost up the whole team.”

The Loud Crowd not only increases the spirit on the Lancer side, it puts additional stress and tension on the opposing team. With the extra support, the Lancers have the upper hand.

“Definitely for the other team it riles them a little more than us,” Martin said. “But it uplifts us a lot more than the other team, giving us an advantage.”

Bringing the Loud Crowd to the basketball games simultaneously supports the team and creates a fun and exciting experience for the crowd. The encouragement the Loud Crowd offers stimulates the team’s confidence and makes the players feel supported.

“It’s really uplifting looking into the crowd and seeing that people are there for you to support you and the team,” Martin said.

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Emily Ritter
Emily Ritter, Reporter
Emily Ritter is a sophomore at Carlsbad High School, and this is her first year as a reporter. Outside of journalism she enjoys cheerleading and playing softball. She is very excited to write for the Lancer Link.

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