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Staff members retire
Staff members retire
Grace Fisher and Kaitlin Ferguson June 10, 2021

Some important members of our staff have decided to retire this year. Including Laura Ogan, Irene Zlotnicki, Donna Olaguer, and Mike Andrews. They have influenced the school in many outstanding and significant ways.

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A guide on how to strengthen your friendships and relationships with others.
How to strengthen your relationships with others
Lilly Michel, Reporter • June 7, 2021
Summer courses can take up a chunk of summer but they do give a lot of benefits over time.
Pros and Cons of taking summer courses
Anya Keast and Kyla Watt June 3, 2021
A guide to reducing summer boredom.
Summer productivity
Gracie Huebner, Editor-in-Chief • May 25, 2021
The latest TikTok trend is gearing up to eat some Rigatoni pasta on May 24. The iconic blue-boxed Rigatoni is available at Walmart, Vons, Smart & Final, and Ralphs. The lowest price can be found at Ralphs, with the pasta selling at $1.00 per box.
Rigatoni Pasta TikTok Trend
Aubrey Prentice, Reporter • May 23, 2021
Procrastinating on schoolwork may have never been more popular among high school students that it is now.
Procrastination and how it can affect you
Kaitlin Ferguson, Assistant Editor • May 7, 2021
More than just a restaurant
Kyla Watt, Reporter • June 8, 2021

Despite all the curveballs this year has thrown at society, some small businesses remain constant. One of these restaurants that is a tradition or a regular for many in Carlsbad is Lola’s. Some people go with their friends, some with their family...

The Veterans
Veterans' Memorial Park planned for popular Carlsbad hill
Calli Moody, Reporter • June 7, 2021

The City of Carlsbad has decided to build a community park on the land near the intersection of Faraday Avenue and Cannon Road. The recommended master plan for Veterans Memorial Park was unanimously approved by the city council on Feb. 23, 2021. Veterans...

Sports amidst a pandemic
Sports amidst a pandemic
Kyla Watt, Reporter • June 8, 2021

Favored student activities, such as sports, were temporarily suspended earlier this year due to stopping the spread COVID-19. Many participants of team sports lost about a year’s worth of practice, and some even dropped out. But just a little before...

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