Join in on the fun at Fiesta del Sol


Attend the annual Fiesta Del Sol festival for free in Solana Beach on the 20-21 of May.

Emma Lupica, Editor-in-Chief

For you ASL or French students, Fiesta del Sol means “Sun Party.” This is a festival that has been thrown annually by the Solana Beach Chamber of Commerce for 38 years. At this festival there will be music, games, vendors, food and much more. The activities are limitless and are sure to entertain people of all age groups, making it a great place to visit with friends or family.

“I went last year with my family,” Sophomore, Kolette Morehead said. “It was just a good time to bond. There is a lot of music and fun things to do. You never really get bored. It’s just hours of hanging out and taking a break, especially this time of the year. School is winding down and it’s really nice to take a break before finals.”

There is a kids area that has many activities aimed towards children, so don’t be afraid to bring younger siblings or kids. They will surely be entertained by the rides, games, bounce houses, arts and crafts.

“I went with two middle schoolers and they had a blast. My favorite was going on the roller coasters. Also the carnival rides were super cool. You never really get bored,” Morehead said. “But for younger kids, they have like a kids booth where kids can be dropped off if parents want to go to the concert. I know they are really fun because I looked at them. The kids would be just as entertained as I would.”

As for teenagers and adults, there is a broad variety music that is going to played live at the main stage throughout the festival. This music will include rock, reggae, soul, funk, jazz, blues, Latin and worldbeat. There will also be community performers. Along with music, children’s dance groups and martial arts groups will be performing on the main stage, providing endless entertainment.

“I personally liked the music so much. It was super fun to dance to and I actually knew some of the songs,” Morehead said. “There was one band in particular that me and my sister really enjoyed.”

While listening to the live music, you can walk around and enjoy the vendors. Small shops will be selling diverse paintings, locally handcrafted jewelry, pottery, clothing and other unique one-of-a-kind items.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing all the cool things that people made,” Freshman, Shayla Eslampour said. “It’s so unique. You can’t go to any average store and find this stuff.”

Food Trucks will also be present, offering a very large selection of gourmet food. There will be food booths offering one-of-a-kind foods, sweets and coffee as well.

“I don’t exactly remember what we got but I remember it was pretty good,” Morehead said. “I think we got little street tacos and candy.”

Not only did the Fiesta del Sol provide endless entertainment, but long lasting memories as well.

“It’s not like the big festivals. It kinda gets you closer to your town. It makes you feel at home. It has that small town feel to it. You get to see people that you know and artists from the community,” Morehead said. “I went in last year not knowing much. I was totally not expecting half the things that were there. I didn’t think that there would be rides or the music be that good. Overall, I would recommend Fiesta Del Sol because it is so much fun.”

This festival has proved its popularity by attracting about 50,000 people last year’s festival. Make sure to mark your calendar the weekend of the 20-21 of May 2017 to attend this year’s Fiesta del Sol event in Solana Beach.

Keep in mind, entrance to this event is completely FREE!