Carlsbad High School filters out plastic


Mitchell Scaglione

Junior Natalie Borla fills her water bottle at a flowater station on campus. Two flowater bottle were recently installed on campus to reduce the need for plastic water bottles while increasing water quality.

Lucy Zheng

The worlds use of plastic water bottles is rapidly increasing . As of 2015, the United States used about 50 billion plastic water bottles while only 23% were recycled. Environmentalists are trying to find new ways to not only recycle plastic bottles, but to reduce the use of it in general.

In early December, Carlsbad High School adopted a plan to conserve the use of its water bottles by putting two water bottle refill stations with in the school. These Flowater refill stations are provided by the Rob Machado Foundation to provide clean, purified water.

“The Rob Machado Foundation provides water filling stations to schools and public spaces,” Vice Principal Mr. Felix said. ” These stations provide a clean, healthful drink option for children and community members while eliminating the need for single-use plastic water bottles”

Felix heard about these refill stations through friends and colleagues and thought that this would be a great way for CHS to start conserving plastic bottles and start drinking cleaner water. With the highest form of purification that Flowater stations provide, CHS is one step closer to reaching this goal.

“Flowater’s proprietary 7x purification process allows them to offer a water that’s more purified than any other water refill station, with none of the plastic waste associated with bottled water brands,” Felix said.” It’s truly the best – for your health and for the health of the planet.”

As this system is fairly new, not many student have even heard about these refill stations prior to its arrival to the school. So far, students who have used the refill station seem to be satisfied, senior Jeffery Dennis being one of them.

“This system is great for people with their own water bottles. Its more convenient ,” Dennis said. “Also, with cold and flu season here, there’s a lot less of a chance to the spread of germs.”

Along with the importance of the quality of the water, the taste of school water is also a big area of concern. Many people can notice the difference between, tap water, fountain water and bottles purified water. Flowater makes sure that their water is the highest quality both in taste and purification.

“I really enjoy that the refill stations conserve the use of water bottles,” Senior Noelle Zocco said. “The water also tastes better than the water from the drinking fountains of the school.”

The future is bright for this system. In such little time of introduction, it  seems to be having positive success. Future plans for more refill stations are already being planned.

“I don’t think we will ever replace our traditional water fountains, but I do see us getting more refill stations around campus. We are thinking of placing them in the boys and girls locker rooms or the Arena,” Felix said.

CHS currently has two refill stations with in the school. One in the counselors office and one in 5000s building. Although most of these types of luxury systems are usually only for teachers, this one is for the enjoyment of both students and teachers.

“These stations are for everyone to use,” Felix said.