Wish for Kids has big dreams for Carlsbad


Anna Mellissinos

Wish for Kids members gather to celebrate their success at the Carlsbad street fair.

Jacqueline Penn , staff writer

At the Carlsbad Street Fair on Nov. 6, San Diegans gathered to celebrate the community of Carlsbad. Here, CHS club Wish for Kids held one of its largest fundraisers of the year.

The fundraiser was held to help Wish for Kids sponsor a local child with a life-threatening disease live his/her dream. Wish for Kids is an affiliate of the Make a Wish Foundation.

 “This year we have to get 800 dollars in order to go to the Make A Wish Foundation representative to have our club so we can sponsor a kid,” president Marlowe Morris said. “Currently, this is our biggest fundraiser to be able to go to Make A Wish Foundation and get a child.”

The Carlsbad Street Fair creates a huge opportunity for the club to raise maximum donations. The club went above and beyond its 800 dollar goal, raising 1260 dollars at the fair. In addition to fundraising, attending the street fair also helps the club to engage with the community.

“Well, today we had two ladies from the Make A Wish Foundation at the Street Fair,” treasurer Grace Kellett said. “They told us that they are working on a project with a little girl who’s three years old. She’s all the time back and forth from the hospital. What she really loves more than anything is sensory things, like smelling flowers. So right now, they’re redoing her backyard to give her a beautiful garden. We’re going to help them redo the garden.”

In the ten years that Wish for Kids has been in Carlsbad, the club believes it has worked hard to make a difference in the lives of San Diego children. For example, Wish for Kids helped one child go on a Disney Cruise, and the club has brought a surprise right to a child’s front door.

“Last year, we had a kid whose dream was to be a motorcyclist,” Morris said. “So, we took motorcyclists from around the country who they came and did a huge drive-by in front of his house.”

Though Wish for Kids aims to make an impact in the community, the club has changed the lives of its own members.

“Wish for kids is such a rewarding opportunity to help people who have day-to-day struggles that we could never imagine,” Kellett said. “It really makes you appreciate the blessings you’ve been given.”