Mr. Green honored as district teacher of the year


Marianna Marsden

Mr. Green won Carlsbad Unified’s Teacher of the Year award. He teaches broadcasting which has won firs place in the nation 8 years in a row.

Maggie Sweeney, editor in chief

Each year Carlsbad Unified School District honors an outstanding teacher who will represent CUSD in the San Diego’s Teacher of the Year Program. This year, Carlsbad High School’s very own Mr. Green will receive the honor.

Being in charge of Carlsbad’s CHSTV, Green has helped the program win numerous awards in the five years he has been running it.

“We have a district of phenomenal teachers,” Green said. “I always think if you win Teacher of the Year, you’re really representing a profession and you’re a spokesperson for all the great teachers in Carlsbad and San Diego.”

Many students have worked with Green at the Valley Middle School broadcasting program, VMSTV, sparking their interest to continue broadcasting into high school and potentially beyond.

“He has given us so much practice working on everything in the studio,” sophomore Ashley Newman said. “We get to meet real life journalists and he just provides us with so many opportunities that expose us to real news and it’s so inspiring.”

Students are encouraged by Green to work outside of their comfort zone by trying different roles in the daily shows and expand their journalism knowledge.

“Mr. Green teaches us so many different things about broadcasting and lets us do so many different jobs,” Newman said. “We always learn so much and he trusts us and believes in us.”

Now, Green moves on to the chance at being named County Teacher of the Year. He prepares for the challenge with help from previous County Teacher of the Year, Maria Teran-Cruz, a teacher at Jefferson Elementary.

“I’m in the middle of the next step which is a ton of work,” Green said. “Maria Cruz has been helping me and I’m really enjoying the process.”

Green owes his success to his students who put in hard work each class to impress the student body watching the daily live shows as well as short films and live streaming.

“The high school program is the number one high school broadcasting program in the country for the eighth year in a row,” Green said. “We make these films that no one expects high schools to make and maybe people recognize the success of these students.”

Before teaching broadcasting, Green taught English at Valley Middle School and later became the broadcasting teacher at both Carlsbad High School and Valley Middle School.

“I love broadcasting because every day is a totally different day than the one before,” Green said. “I almost feel more like a coach than a teacher because it’s [the students’] show and they pretty much determine everything that occurs, I’m just here to make sure the lights work and make sure we’re doing good journalism.”

Green has been an inspiration to countless students and continues to help students thrive in an award winning program.

“He always wants us to improve,” Newman said. “Anyone can tell he cares about us doing our absolute best and that’s what makes him such an unforgettable teacher.”