Own the night at black and white formal

Whitney Drucker, A&E Editor

On Saturday, Feb. 7, CHS winter formal was held in the gym from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The theme was own the night in black and white. Elements included photo booths, lights and black and white decorations.

“The music was really good the Dj was awesome so he played a lot of songs that everyone knew but he mixed them so they weren’t just the kind of songs you hear on the radio, they were different and exciting,” junior Natalie Hendricks said. “It was awesome and I was so happy when I walked in and everything was put together exactly how we wanted. It looked really good and our vision came full circle. Everyone was having a really good time on the dance floor and on the photo booth.”

Approximately 500 students attended formal in the new gym.

“What’s nice about the fact that it was small is that there was more room and it wasn’t as hot and we had the photo booth up stairs,” junior Kyra Badiner said. “Everyone had a good time, the music was awesome, we had a little pep rally at lunch on thursday before and played similar songs and there was a lot of cool music.”

ASB art crew helped make decorations for the gym, which were on display at the dance.

“We had a skyline,” Badiner said. “The skyline was New York city buildings or any buildings. It was what they look like at night so black buildings with the lit up windows for a modern but fun element of the dance, just to keep the black and white theme fun and different.”

Even though the theme was own the night in black and white, many students wore colorful outfits. However, all decorations followed the black and white theme.

 “One thing that was awesome for this dance that we were proud of was the efficiency,” Badiner said. ” We were in and out in two hours and basically everything was done. I think also the fact that we made a lot of the decorations look good; the ideas that people put in to it were really creative so I was nice to see that put together.”