Urban Plates cooks up healthy choices for Carlsbad


Danny Tajimaroa

A healthy and tasty option, Urban Plates is coming to the Forums at Carlsbad on Feb.2. Urban Plates offers wholesome organic and filling plates that are also affordable.

Megan Overbey, Writer

Looking for a healthy option for your next meal? Urban Plates is coming to Carlsbad. The Forum will be the home of this food vendor as of Feb. 2. Carlsbad is not the first Urban Plates location, Del Mar and Irvine also host an Urban Plates.

“Our flagship location is in Del Mar and we love the people in this area,” executive chef Zac Lennox said. “We are going into a great center in an awesome community. Our headquarters is local and Carlsbad is a perfect location for us.”

At Urban Plates, there is a wide variety of food for everyone, all of which remains healthy and wholesome.

“We make good honest food from scratch with really high quality ingredients,” Lennox said. “We have a wide menu of food that is made and displayed in front of you. We have something for everybody. It is a comfortable, exciting atmosphere and we make good food that makes you feel right.”

Carlsbad offers a wide range of organic and healthy choices, but Urban Plates offers both nutritious and affordable.

“I often opt for the healthy option, but it’s hard to always eat healthy when it’s so expensive,” junior Kelsey Adams said. “I am looking forward to the opening of Urban Plates because it gives you the healthy and organic option, but it’s reasonably priced as well.”

For those who know Urban Plates are rejoicing in that fact that the lunch spot they love is now going to be more centrally located in Carlsbad.

“I love Urban Plates, and it makes things so much better that it will now be located in Carlsbad,” junior Valerie Yermian said. “Now I won’t have to make the journey down to Del Mar, I’m very excited.”