Hoop-coming takes a trip to Brazil

The entrance to Sage Creek High School was decorated with bright, festive, and Mardi Gras themed decorations. Since Sage Creek does not have a football team, they celebrate the equivalent of Homecoming with Hoopcoming, centered around the basketball season.

Savannah Gannon, staff writer

As you approach the steep steps of Sage Creek High School, you are suddenly transported to Brazil. You smell the copious spices acquainted with Brazilian food and find masks and beads thrown on every edifice.

On Feb. 5, Sage Creek High School threw its first-ever Hoop-coming parade and tailgate party, followed by its highly-anticipated basketball game against La Costa Canyon High School. The parade showcased handmade floats and banners, while the following tailgate–your typical blaring music and food booths–hyped up parents and students for the main event. The night concluded with the basketball game which was a defeat for SCHS.

At 4:30 p.m., ASB, Cinematography club, Baseball club, Craft club, Dude Be Nice! Club, FCA, Freshman Class club, Link Crew club, Robotics club, Spanish club, Science Olympiad and Thespian Club–a grand total of 12 clubs–participated in the parade. Each organization, similar to Carlsbad High’s homecoming committee, had devoted hours to planning and constructing their floats.

“My favorite part of the night had to be the parade because the students worked really hard on their floats; they did a really good job,” freshman Cole Regas said.

The tailgate included a DJ who played high-energy songs, increasing the crowd’s enthusiasm for the game. Also available were various food options for the hungry Bobcats. Although hot dogs and soda were prevalent, Brazilian cuisine made an grand appearance. In appreciation of the theme, the restaurant Sabor De Vida catered the event with its authentic dishes, charging only $10 for a large plate.

“The tailgate was fun because everyone was getting pumped for the game together,” freshman McKenna Foote said. “I also liked the Brazilian food.”

Not to mention the Hoop-coming dance (which took place on Feb. 8 in the gym). Both the parade and dance highlighted a multifaceted theme: a combination of Mardi Gras, Rio De Janeiro and Carnaval.

“We wanted to create something unique and fun for the kids,” Architecture teacher Mr. Gamelin said. 

Altogether, Hoop-coming proved successful for the Sage Creek student body; there was a huge turn out at the parade, tailgate, game and dance.  Although the Bobcats did not win the game, they enjoyed the crowd-support and friendly rivalry.

“I am stoked for the next Hoop-coming,” freshman Tony Alemen said. “The whole week was super fun, and I especially liked the dance because it really kicked off the year.”