Senior lancers support early morning pep rally


Students learned a routine to internet sensation Gangnam Style in the hour long gap between live airings. They performed this dance at the 6:15 slot on NBC channel 7 news.

Shannon Casey, Lancer Express editor-in-chief

Thursday mornings generally pass uneventfully, just another part of the weekly grind. However, Thursday, Sept. 13 at a time bordering between twilight and dawn, the Old Gym buzzed with excitement and caffeinated teenagers.

Students piled into bleachers, trading an extra hour or two of sleep for an opportunity to appear on NBC San Diego with reporter Megan Tevrizian to engage in a publicized pep rally for the Game of the Week.

“It was really unbelievable; it was so organized  and students were very enthusiastic,” Tevrizian said. “The staff was really helpful.”

While on the air, Tevrizian estimated that around 600 students showed up to the 4:45 calltime to cheer for CHS’s varsity football game before their Friday game against Ramona High School. While this number actually ended up closer to 400 students, parents and faculty, many clubs and organizations on campus filled one half of the Old Gym.

The crowd included all 140 of the Carlsbad Marching Lancers Band, a large portion of the Choir department, Speech and Debate, Xcalibur, the Lancer Dancers, the entire cheer program, ASB, varsity and junior varsity football, CHSTV and multiple clubs.

While many organizations mandated the attendance of their members, many senior Lancers found their way to the gym to participate, too.

“I’m here because of school spirit,” senior Kendall Pluta said. “I’m really school spirited and I wanted to see all my other Lancers come out and share their excitement.”

Pluta shared the mentality of the other seniors in attendance; she and many others agree that their senior year played an integral part in their decision to attend this morning’s pep rally.

“I think your senior year is supposed to be the most fun and I think that coming out and supporting your school shows underclassmen how fun it is to be at Carlsbad,” senior Madeline Mendoza said. “After four years, you’ve still got all this school spirit.”

School spirit seemed to be the driving force of the event, with a myriad of purple and gold decorating the gym. Band performed our signature fight song, cheer created a wall of pom-poms and the Lancer Dancers and Xcalibur led CHS students in a flash mob to the tune of recent pop culture phenomenon Gangnam Style.

For many, the early morning meant very little in comparison to the experience they would gain by supporting their school.

“I’ve always watched–when I have time in the morning–I’d see the colleges and how they would have their pep rallies on TV,” senior Katelyn Brock said. “I would think ‘that would be so cool to do.’ And now I’m doing it. It’s a cool experience.”

Tevrizian stated that since the inception of the segment three years ago, the turnout has gradually increased from measly throngs of people to full-blown crowds. Spirit has pushed people into the stands, and the prospect of a TV appearance pulls people out of bed.

Many Lancers, though, feel like the crowd at not only these early morning pep rallies–but also at other school events, such as football games and assemblies–did not suffice.

“All the underclassmen who aren’t here are missing out,” senior Racuel Cruz said. “High school goes by really fast, so get involved in as many school activities as you can.”

Seniors not associated with any club or organization involved in the pep rally far outnumbered the incredibly scarce underclassmen. Underclassmen constitute the largest amount of the student body, with this year’s freshman class at a solid 900 students.

In order to maintain the spirited atmosphere at CHS, students need to go to and participate in school events and activities.

“Crowd support as an athlete means everything,” senior Ruben Gonzalez said. “The more people that are there, the more people in the gym–it really helps you get through the game.”

Tomorrow’s game against Ramona High School marks this season’s third home game. Kickoff for junior varsity is at 4:30p.m., and the varsity game kicks off at 7:00 p.m..

Underclassmen–and upperclassmen alike–get out there and show the world what it means to be a Lancer.

Photo Slideshow: photos by Natasha Menard, Seannie Bryan and Sierra Gomperts