Marching Lancers, new director prepare for a successful season


Bovie directs the band in the quad at the first pep rally of the year. The band has been practicing for two weeks to prepare for field show season.

Eric Hammond and Shannon Casey

Three days into the new school year, the Lancer Marching Band, Lancer Dancers and Xcalibur performed at a pep rally alongside ASB to excite students for the upcoming home football game. At the pep rally on Aug. 31, these performers showcased their talent, giving students a preview of what to expect this new school year.

The Marching Lancers, the school marching band, kicked off the rally with the CHS fight song and their cover of the sensational song “Call Me Maybe,” originally performed by Carly Rae Jepsen. Although, this debut performance was only achieved by the band member’s passion and practice.

“Practicing is vital for being successful in band. Practice is how you can get better.” senior Jacob Hatfield said.

However, work at school is not just the only way band prepared for the rally.

Band students met for band camp beginning in the middle of August to practice new material and learn the choreography for their competition piece. Competition pieces must last 10 minutes in duration and involve a series of complicated formations and musical showmanship.

“We practiced for two weeks for seven hours a day over the summer preparing for this event,” sophomore Stephen Deen said. “We did a lot to prepare for this.”

This year, band gains a new director in Adam Bovie.

Possessing a teaching credential from California State University Fullerton, Bovie has been playing instruments since age five, and has 12 years of professional experience. He already displays great enthusiasm for the band.

“Band is not only providing spirit and energy for the campus,” Mr. Bovie said. “We have our own circuit of competitions where we are judged on how we sound, how we look and the emotions we make people feel. The better we do that, the higher we score against other schools. It is a sport of the arts.”

On top of directing summer sessions to improve and sharpen their skills, Mr. Bovie made many preparations to create a great year for marching band.

“Over the summer, I planned lots of curriculum for AP music theory,” Mr. Bovie said. “I also picked music plans for marching band this year.”

Marching band has been very active recently, starting practice over the summer and continuing through the beginning of school. The band welcomes 50 freshmen this year. Color guard also has grown significantly, gaining 38 more members to the department.

Tonight, the band will perform a segment from their competition routine during the halftime show of the football game against St. Augustine.

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