Run through the mud for fun

Megan Benner, Staff Writer

On October 31, Skyline Church held its traditional San Diego Mud Run at Cuyamaca Jr. College Park. Water spraying, mud flinging, heavy breathing and loud cheering help sponsors raises money for charities through this event.

The 5K course was spotted with obstacles such as  a wall climb, a mud pit, a mud lake, slippery hills and fire hoses. The joy of literally running through pure mud for fun is unlike any other. Hundreds of people gear up for these crazy events hoping to get down and dirty.

Some Carlsbad students have attended these runs and look back on the fun experience. Because the event was on Halloween, organizers asked athletes to dress up. But on past runs, teams dressed up, too.

“We all made shirts and took lots of pictures and got very muddy,” Senior Sam Gordon said.

Previous mud runners have said the pictures make the memories. The before and after shots are hilarious with athletes completely drenched head to toe in thick, chunky mud. Also, it is rumored style points are awarded to competitors who dare to dive into or dance in the mud pit.

“This guy , Brian DeGour, lost a shoe swimming across the mud lake,” Gordon said. “It was funny! He had to run the rest of the race barefoot.”

However, apart from just a 5K run, a celebration occurs before and after with food, drinks and music.

This family event, for Gordon, was more then just a run. She was honored to finally be able to follow in the footsteps of her parents.

Do not forget it is still a race and prizes will be given to the top competitors. So, sign up fast because the next race is just around the corner.