Football field makes debut

Ashley Perez, Staff writer

During the past few years, the task of remodeling Carlsbad High School has seemed never-ending. On Thursday, March 11, students, staff and parents were finally able to set their eyes upon one of the first completed projects of our future high school: the brand new football field.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on the new field with members from football, track and field, marching band, lacrosse, cheer, dance and others who will use it.

For some, it was not the first time their feet had made contact with the new turf. Before the ceremony, members of track and field were able to use their new track for the first time including Junior Dan Flemming.

“It was love at first stride,” Flemming said. “The track made me feel light and agile. It just felt really good.”

Along with the sports teams and marching band, leaders of ASB and members of the Board of Trustees entered the field as the ceremony began.

ASB member and Miss Teen Carlsbad Madeline Spellerberg stood next to her peers as she held one end of the ceremonial ribbon.

“The new field looks beautiful,” Senior Madeline Spellerberg said. “I am so proud to be a Lancer on this day. And hopefully [the field] will encourage our road warriors to do their best.”

The ceremony consisted of performances by Excalibur, Lancer Dancers, Band, Varsity and Junior Cheer, as well as speeches from member from the school district and CHS staff.

Board of Trustees President Mark Tanner had encouraging and optimistic words for the students of CHS.

“Our previous field lasted for 50 years. If this one is as well made, it will be the field that your children and your grandchildren will use,” Tanner said. “And pretty soon, we will have a brand new high school behind us as well.”

The CUSD Board and CHS Class Officers had the honor of cutting the ribbon and officially opening the new field at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Afterward, the modest audience departed from the shiny, metallic bleachers that will eventually be filled with cheering fans.

Junior Trevor Bliss expressed his hope for the future as he left the crowd.

“We have been waiting for this new field for way too long,” Bliss said. “I won’t be here long enough to see the completed high school, but if it’s anything like this field, it’s going to be great.”