Two solutions to alleviate “human” traffic

Trina Kim, Copy Editor

With a population of 2900 students, the 2011-2012 class is larger than the average high school and is still growing.  The students have been experiencing heavy “human” traffic that has worsened over the past few years.

“Definitely there is more construction and a larger freshman class,” senior Shannon McIntee said.

With the increase of students, the school environment, especially the restrooms, has taken a hard hit.  The restrooms are now being cleaned about twice a day and the custodians work hard to vacuum all the classrooms.

“It’s difficult, the restrooms take a beating,” principal Dr. Matt Steitz said.

Even with the efforts to keep the problem under control, the 3000 building has been notably affected in a major way.  It is overcrowded by the doorways during passing periods and it does not help that the overpopulation has affected other areas.

“There wasn’t as much foot traffic before,”  McIntee said. “It’s kind of annoying.”

Despite this, there are two hopes to reduce the crowd: the end of the construction project and the new Sage Creek High School.

Nearing its completion, the construction will bring a new set of 5000-8000 buildings, each room decorated with a Smart Board.  In exchange, the oldest buildings, the 100, 200, and 500 buildings, will be demolished.

With construction going on, students have been struggling to get to their classes by the designated time through narrow passage-ways and fenced-in walkways.  When the construction project ends this December, the open space will alleviate some of the compactness.

“Construction is not the greatest thing to live through,” freshman Michael Ricci said.  “I‘ll be happy when it’s done.”

The next solution that will ease congestion in a few more years will be Sage Creek High School opening in 2014. There will be many educational opportunities and experiences the new high school will contribute.

“The solutions are in the work.  Relief is on the way,” Steitz said.

While it will split the Carlsbad district, it will bring a more serene atmosphere and calmer environment for CHS.  The school will benefit greatly from the two new developments.

“By next year, it will be a brand new school.  That’s our hope,” Steitz said.