Lancers revel over new Cane’s location


Sophia Weis

Displayed above is the new Cane’s located off of Las Posas Road in San Marcos.

Ava Astleford, Social Media Editor

On July 27, 2021 a new Raising Cane’s location opened in San Marcos, CA. This location is the fourth in San Diego and the 43rd in California. Located at 105 S Las Posas Rd, this restaurant is the talk of the town.

Cane’s grand opening featured a raffle with the prize of free Cane’s for a year and a free one of a kind t-shirt for the first 100 customers. Along with the opening of Canes, there are other popular restaurants that surround it making the plaza an even bigger attraction. Also, for many Carlsbad residents, this new location is more accessible, considering the most convenient location was Vista. Senior Kendall Karnig lives in an area that benefits from the San Marcos site.

“I would obviously want the location to be in Carlsbad, however, San Marcos is not far and the location is by a lot of other restaurants which is nice,” said Karnig.

Not only was the time it took to get to Vista a difficulty, but also, people had to go out of their way just to enjoy their meal of choice. Sophomore Gabby Demers is grateful that the new location has opened and she can get there easily.

“It saved me at least 20 minutes in time and that 20 minutes, I could eat my food and be home by that time,” said Demers.

Carlsbad students live in many different places, so not everybody has had to travel as far of a distance in order to get Cane’s. However, those people that have, are very grateful for the new location.

“It saves a lot of time especially from where I live, which is near Palomar Airport Road,” said Karnig.

Other students who enjoy Cane’s have realized the great benefits of not having to drive to Vista anymore.  Sophomore Danny Valencia does many extra curriculars, which doesn’t leave him much extra time.

“It saves me a lot of time since I play soccer and football and don’t have enough time to drive to vista,” said Valencia.

The San Marcos Canes is likely to become a more popular spot for students and locals who enjoy it. The time that can be saved may attract a larger audience and some may now have an easier time getting the food they crave.

“It’s somewhere that I go as a treat, and that’s why it’s so cool that we have a close one near us,” said Demers. “I’ll definitely be going more.”