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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

From concept to completion

A closer look at how the CHS dance committee plans school dances
Anya Kest
Homecoming 2023 was an experience that many students enjoyed. There were many activities to do including dancing and balloon animals.

Carlsbad High’s ASB (Associated Student Body) puts in a lot of effort to create a fun learning environment for all students. Dances are one of the major ways ASB fosters school spirit throughout the year by giving students an environment to socialize and have fun.

When thinking about a theme for a high school event it can be difficult to narrow down the options. This is why the dance committee takes every opportunity to make it fun for everyone. Senior Gabby Fowler provides an example of the effort they put into a theme.

“For Homecoming we had been wanting to do a carnival theme for a while and we were waiting to find things that would work,” Fowler said. “We just thought it would bring in a lot of attractions and a lot of different things we could have at the dance for people to do.”

Being in the dance committee can be demanding at times. But with these challenges come some fun when organizing dances. Junior Marley Kosik expresses her feelings with the experience on the committee.

“It’s really fun, it’s very light hearted and everyone throws out ideas,” Kosik said. “It is a very collaborative environment. Everyone works together to make the best dance possible for the school.”

Putting a dance together takes time and effort for everyone involved. There are always issues that have to be addressed when creating such a big event.

“It’s definitely been a challenge of finding venues that are available and accessible to everyone,” Kosik said. “Also balancing the budget is always a challenge and spending the money to get enough things there while staying under budget.”

Trying to please everyone can be a difficult challenge especially with a large student body. But the dance committee works hard to improve dances each year to make them even more fun.

“We try to add things each year, we pay attention to the things that were not used during the dance and try to see what we can add,” Fowler said. “We work with event planners and small businesses to see if we can add things next year.”

Improving each year is a big responsibility and can be difficult to achieve. With this goal for a perfect dance, students seem to be enjoying themselves at the events. Freshman Kennedie Gilson expresses her appreciation of the school dances.

“I like how they have had different sections and different set ups,” Gilson said. “I like how they have been very creative with the themes. I have never heard of either of the themes before and they were very fun. It was interesting to see how they actually executed them.”

Giving everyone the opportunity to do activities during school dances is crucial to making a dance a good experience. This can provide an enjoyable atmosphere for each and every student.

“I think that also the extravagance of winter formal was very fitting with the theme,” Gilson said. “It was fun to see the air and space museum and just walk around there. If you didn’t want to dance you could just look and check out the exhibits. The theme was very creative for where the dance was held.”

Being a part of the dance committee can be a lot of work and with work come struggles. But the committee is persistent in making a dance that everyone will find appealing and enjoy. With prom coming up, many students are looking forward to what the committee has planned and with all the feedback they receive they are sure to make a dance exciting for all.

“It’s overall a fun experience just planning and putting together these dances,” Kosik said. “I enjoy seeing everyone having fun and loving the work that we created for them.”

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Sofia Cordella
Sofia Cordella, Reporter
Sofia Cordella is a freshman at Carlsbad High School and is new to the Lancer Link staff. She enjoys photography and meeting new people. She is very excited to write stories and take pictures of the interesting things that go on here at Carlsbad.

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