Benner and Fiske win ASB President and VP

Courtney Benner and Kari Fiske recently won the ASB presidential elections for next year.

Natasha Menard

Courtney Benner and Kari Fiske recently won the ASB presidential elections for next year.

Emily Matteson, Social Media Editor

After weeks of anticipation and campaigning, the 2013-2014 ASB election results were announced on CHSTV Monday, April 8. For ASB President, junior Courtney Benner was elected with junior Kari Fiske working as her Vice President. Along with President and Vice President, junior Sarelle Salvador was elected as Secretary and junior Alex Ott was chosen as Treasurer.

“I was so shocked when I won. It didn’t really hit me at first,” Benner said. “It was a really close election.”

To prepare for this election, the candidates made countless posters and T-shirts to get their names out there. Candidates also had to figure out their plans for the upcoming year and the changes they want to make to CHS.

“I definitely did not expect to win. It’s always important to stay humble and to stay focused on what you want to achieve. I just focused in what I was doing and what my plans are for next year.”

As upcoming President and Vice President, Benner and Fiske have many plans to make their senior year unforgettable.

“My plans for next year are to continue the traditions that we started this year, like the silent game and the early morning pep-rally,” Fiske said. “Plus I want to throw in some extra things to keep things interesting.”

Along with increasing school spirit with themed football and basketball games next year, they also aim connect the campus.

“Next year I want to make the campus a more friendly environment so that next year underclassmen do not feel as pressured,” Benner said.

As ASB President, Benner will take on a huge ammount of responsibility. Fourutanely, she will have Fiske there to support her through everything.

“I’m going to step up and help Courtney with anything she needs to help get her vision through,” Fiske said.

With Benner and Fiske in office, next year is sure to be unforgetable.

“We’re definitely working hard to make things happen that have never happened before,” Fiske said.