Gas prices lead to unwanted stress

Gas prices keep rising and rising, causing outrage in America.

Gas prices keep rising and rising, causing outrage in America.

Jack Beetham and Scott Detaboada, Staff Writers

Anxiety: a word now associated with the on going fluctuation of gas prices in the United States. In 2002, the average price for one gallon of gas was $1.36. Today, just ten years later, the average price has risen to $3.53. As a result of the ongoing war in the Middle East, relations with many of the biggest oil distributors in the world have been strained. This proposes many struggles for citizens of America, lost in an enormous economic recession.

The unemployment rate in the country is currently at 8.3%; with this in mind, it is obvious to note that Americans are attempting to save, and with the increase in gas prices, this is becoming increasingly difficult. The economic failure and scarcity of jobs has already caused families to sacrifice in order to meet their standards. This increase in gas prices has spiked the nerves of Americans reliant on their vehicles.

“On average, I’d say that I drive somewhere around four hours a week,” junior Jake Norcross said.

This incredibly high amount of driving for teens and adults alike has led to many changes in American society, especially with skyrocketing prices. One of the biggest changes is the development of hybrid and electric cars, which rely on other types of energy to power them. This change has significantly changed the way in which we use gasoline and how much we use it. It is one of the many examples in which America has adapted to the increase in gas prices.

“Hybrid cars seem to be an effective way to combat the rising price of gas,” Norcross said. “But their incredibly high price isn’t helping us. If hybrid prices remain so high, they will not ever be able to effectively save us money.”

The fluctuation of gas prices, results in an on going competition between gas stations to provide buyers with the best price. This competition then gives the decision the buyer. Americans search to find the best gas station with the best price. In Carlsbad the prices for every station are provided in the local newspaper and on their website.

“Gas prices have risen substantially over the past few years and as a new driver it has effected me greatly,” junior Jared Cohn said. “Every cent counts when it comes to buying gas, especially in the poor economy and when prices are rising so drastically.”