Mrs. Redfield becomes CUSD’s Administrator of the Year

Mrs. Redfield has worked for the Carlsbad Unified School District since 2007. Though she has had a few different jobs in the administration office, she is currently one of CHS’s assistant principals.

Mrs. Redfield began as a guidance counselor at Valley Middle School, and later at Carlsbad Village Academy. She began her years as assistant principal at VMS, and finally settled here at CHS, currently in her eighth year.

“I was very humbled and surprised that I was even nominated for that award so I was very excited,” Mrs. Redfield said. “I was surprised. I was taken aback a little bit about why I would have been nominated for it, but I was very honored.”

Though she knows her title comes with the connotation of ‘disciplinary and strict,’ Mrs. Redfield views her work with high schoolers as helpful and guiding. She tries her best to help students become the best versions of themselves.

“I take [my job] more as a partner with the students and the staff,” Mrs. Redfield said. “I like to try and help guide the students so if they make poor choices, then I can help them guide their future decision-making and counsel them to be more successful with their life and help them deal with [any] issues. I like to keep more of a collaborative relationship with students.”

Senior Taylor Tibbels, who Mrs. Redfield has known since birth, has been greatly influenced by the assistant principal, and shares what she has learned.

“She has taught me to stand up for myself and to follow my dreams,” Tibbels said. “She impacted my middle school and high school years in such a positive way. She has always been there when I needed it and I am so thankful for her.”

Mrs. Redfield takes the time to attend students’ shows and games, showing how much she cares for every student on campus. Mrs. Redfield was nominated for her special relationship with her students as well as her ability to utilize all of her skills from past jobs for her current one.

“I think the reason I love the job now is because I can use so many of my counseling tools that I gained as a school counselor when I’m disciplining kids or when I’m helping kids or when I’m guiding kids,” Mrs. Redfield said. “I can use a lot of what I’ve learned in my past jobs.”

Last year, CHS had a change in principals, and Mrs. Redfield took on the job as interim principal. Though now we have a permanent principal, Dr. Brian Brockett, Mrs. Redfield enjoyed her time as principal as well.

“I believe I was nominated because last year, when we had to transition from principalship, I was the intern principal here at Carlsbad High for a semester,” Mrs. Redfield said. “And I think just having that transition, the district recognized possibly that it was a smooth transition and we didn’t have too many hiccups as Mr. Brockett got in.”

Both recognized faculty, Mrs. Redfield and Mrs. Ryan, are rather close. They support each other, and Mrs. Redfield comments on how it feels to be honored with a friend.

“Her and I work very well together so it’s kind of cool that the two of us are being recognized in the same year,” Mrs. Redfield said. “We’ve developed a really nice relationship with the journalism and the yearbook program. We went to San Francisco last year, so it’s been really good. She’s a great peer, she’s a great person, she’s done a lot for this school so I’m honored to be alongside her.”