Con: Netflix

Hailee Harway, staff writer

Netflixthe American owned company created by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, was founded on Aug. 29, 1997. Although it’s extremely popular, many people would still rather pay for Hulu, Amazon video or Vudu, which are the top competitors against Netflix. Users of the entertainment company have expressed many dislikes of their experiences with the video streaming company.

A main concern for viewers is that the streaming is not free, it actually is eight dollars a month. If viewers do the calculations, it ends up to be 96 dollars for a whole year of streaming. Many viewers have also come to notice that the network does not have current shows that are on television. When a new season comes out many viewers have to wait a few months after the show is over to be able to watch it on Netflix. Many viewers overlook the fact that they could record the new episodes of a specific television show rather than paying for a streaming network that doesn’t have what they want to watch. The entertainment company has failed to produce a wide variety of series, unlike their competitors who contain a broad selection of shows. 

Netflix users have also come to see that on the site they do not display the rating of the shows anymore. A common con of paying for the streaming app is when watchers go to view a television series or movie, people will never know if it is good or not. Viewers might get half way through a movie or show and not like it. This problem wouldn’t occur as frequently if the company showed the rating of their shows and movies. A main problem the streaming company has and something many users complain about is the deletion of popular series. While the company does come out and announce what shows they are deleting, they don’t make the final decision based on their customers.

Although the streaming application is widely talked about, it doesn’t live up to its reputation. Not only is it costly but Netflix does not offer very wide variety of series, unlike better streaming apps that offer many more seasons and shows. If someone is thinking of paying to have Netflix, they really should look into other streaming apps.