Pro: Netflix

Sarah Brooks, Reporter

The entertainment service of Netflix, was created in 1997, and originally shipped DVDs to subscribers homes. However, that changed in Febuary of 2007, when the american company  changed from mailing DVDs, to an on demand streaming application. This has nearly replaced competition video stores such as Blockbuster and video kiosk Redbox. The streaming application can be used from just about any smart device, which quickly gained popularity from customers of all ages.

Netflix has been able to greatly change the entertainment industry in their favor partially due to the company giving the ability to viewers to stream their favorite shows on any smart device no matter where they are. For new members, Netflix gives a free trial for the first month to watch and stream any show or movie they carry. There are 6,494 movies and 1,609 television shows that Netflix offers at the viewers fingertips at any time. Netflix recommends movies and television shows based on what viewers show interest in. the application helps customers decide whether or not they should watch a certain movie or show by giving the percentage of how much of a match it would be, all based on what has been previously watched.  

Similar to competitors like Hulu, Netflix saves show/movie progress, as well as having them saved to a profile. What really sets Netflix can’t be compared to other competitors due to the fact that there are no commercials, viewers can binge watch their favorite shows without having to be interrupted. Netflix offers their very own  “Netflix Originals”, which are movies and television shows created by the company, which are not available through competitors.

Netflix is worth the cost, as they have a wide variety of shows/movies to pick from as well as their “originals” that no other streaming application has.  The ability to stream any Netflix television show or movie anywhere is worth the price and is the solution to  any entertainment need. With wide variety and commercial free, Netflix works for any occasion.