Yasmin Ahooja: 12


Delaney Benson

Senior, Yasmin Ahooja, has been on the Carlsbad varsity women’s soccer team for four years now. She will attend the University of Michigan next year to play division one soccer.

Maggie Sweeney, editor in chief

Senior Yasmin Ahooja has been a prominent player for Carlsbad’s varsity girl’s soccer team in the past four years. This year, she is team captain and one of the starting midfielders. She hopes to see bigger crowds at games for her final season. After high school, Ahooja will attend San Diego State to play division one soccer.

LL: How did you get into soccer?

YA: I joined soccer when I was four years old and my parents just got me into recreational soccer to get some exercise and I turned out to really love it so I kept playing.

LL: How many years have you been playing soccer?

YA: About 13 years now.

LL: What is your favorite soccer memory?

YA: One of my favorite memories is definitely winning the national championship with my club team in U15. It was an amazing feeling because I felt like everything we’d been working on for the whole year finally added up to get the ultimate goal of the season.

LL: What has been your biggest accomplishment?

YA: My biggest accomplishments were the national championship for U15, making varsity as a freshman, being team captain and making it to CIF finals.

LL: What is the best lesson you’ve learned from soccer?

YA: I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to become a leader within a team. I also learned how to guide other people and learn from other people as well.

LL:Do you have any pre-game rituals or pump up songs?

YA: Before games, I always put my left shinguard on before my right shinguard, and then my left sock and left shoe on before my right. I don’t really listen to music before games, but I feel like that’s really unusual. Actually, I like Justin Bieber’s new album a lot.

LL: Who is the most inspiration person in your life?

YA: My most inspirational person is my mom because she’s just my biggest role model and she’s just the strongest woman I know.

LL: What advice do you have for younger players?

YA: Make sure you’re having fun. If you’re frustrated with how you’re playing or you don’t like your position, just think about what you can do to improve your game. If you’re not happy with what you’re doing, do something else.

LL: Anything else?

YA: Come out and support girls soccer.