Extending a helping hand for the holidays


Calliandra Moody

Donating non-perishable food items, toys or clothing are easy ways to give back to the community during the holidays.

Calliandra Moody, Editor in Chief

Giving back to the community, especially during the holiday season, is incredibly important. Helping those less fortunate than yourself is a rewarding experience that could change someone’s life for the better.

So many people in the world do not have the opportunities that we have here, and giving to those in need shows gratitude for what we have. There is no shortage of ways in which we can get involved in the community. 

At school, there is the C3 Club, which focuses on keeping the environment clean. They have beach and community clean-ups that anyone can participate in. Peer tutoring is another great way to help other students with homework and projects. 

During the holiday season, a lot of families struggle to make ends meet, especially after the pandemic. There are many organizations that strive to support those families through charity and donations.

Salvation Army and Goodwill are two organizations that take donations of clothing, toys, etc. You can also donate money online that goes towards a cause of your choice. There are also many toy and food drives taking place in various places this time of year. 

One of the easiest ways to give back during the holidays is to donate non-perishable items to food drives. Canned foods are super easy to donate if you have any extras in your pantry, and successful food drives can provide meals for thousands of people. 

Adopt-a-Family is a great way to give a lower-income family a magical holiday. These families may have trouble paying bills and buying groceries, so holiday gifts are not an option. The items you donate could support them through the holiday season. 

There are also ways to give back to the community during the holidays in non-materialistic ways. Many organizations provide services for the homeless and low-income members of the community where students can volunteer. 

Some organizations such as Solutions for Change serve meals for the recently homeless. They have an intake and access center in Vista where people can volunteer, as well as drop-off locations for food. 

Giving back and helping those in need is an incredibly important and underrated part of being a part of a community. Helping others that are less fortunate can potentially provide them with a holiday they might not have otherwise.