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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

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National blood shortage calls for donors

National blood shortage calls for donors
Maddy Daly

The American Red Cross announced a blood shortage on Sept. 11 after the blood supply dropped by almost 25% in the beginning of August. Since the supply is still low, the Red Cross has sent out an appeal for more donors and has since seen an increase in the blood supply.

As the Red Cross supplies blood to hospitals in need, demands are reaching an all-time high due to a rise in cancer patients and other diseases that require blood transfusions. Many patients regularly need blood as part of treatment in addition to individuals in emergency medical situations.

In the US, every two seconds a blood donation is needed, and it is difficult to keep up with that demand without more donors. As hospital demand outpaces the amount of blood available from donations, concerns are beginning to rise.

Donating is crucial since it provides a vital resource for medicine, medical research and maintains a stable blood supply for those in need. Blood can be used for blood transfusions, surgeries and emergency situations, but is also needed for patients who have lost blood, continuously undergo procedures, and suffer from certain illnesses.

While donating blood benefits patients, it also benefits the donor. Drawing blood gives opportunities for new blood cells to produce, promoting cardiovascular health, and even reducing the risk of possible diseases. Red cross began incentivizing blood donation, so donating results in rewards such as a gift card, an amazon e-gift card, bonus points to spend in the donors rewards store, and other bonuses.

Donating to your local blood drive is a way to give back to the community and foster a sense of engagement and social responsibility. Giving blood is a simple and safe process that lasts around 8-10 minutes.

In and around Carlsbad, there are many sites to donate blood, including The Shoppes at Carlsbad, very near to CHS. The American Cross website includes information on various times and places blood drives will happen around Carlsbad and other neighboring cities. On November 30th, CHS is holding a blood drive on campus, and only parent consent forms/letters are required.

Donation is an act that directly affects citizens and medical practitioners. The act of donating ensures that healthcare providers and hospitals have access to blood needed for studies, research and procedures.

The blood type O is the most needed in all blood supplies, since it is the universal donor and can be used on any patient with any blood type. While type O is needed most, all other blood types are appreciated and will go to good use. Donating at your local blood drive will help countless individuals.

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About the Contributor
Maddy Daly, Social Media Editor
Maddy is a sophomore and in her second year in journalism. In her free time, she figure skates and plays volleyball.

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