Keeping up with technology in the classroom


Kiley McCarthy, Staff Writer

Some teachers believe electronics in the classroom distract students from the purpose of school–to learn. They argue that students retain material better by taking notes ‘old school’ style, with a pencil and paper. This may be true in a some circumstances. However, with the ever increasing growth and advancement in the field of technology, electronics such as smart tablets and paper thin laptop computers keep getting harder to avoid, and this may not be a bad thing.

People are becoming more efficient in using their personal electronics these days, so why not bring this quick skill into the classroom to utilize for learning purposes? Sure there are downsides, but there will be with any learning style. Instead of trying to get students to tediously copy notes and listen to lectures all the time, they should be able to use classroom technology and electronics to get work done faster. However, they would need to engage in a useful program that allows them to effectively carry out assignments while actively learning the material. If schools ensure that their owned electronics have blocks on certain websites, students will have no other option than to do their work anyway.

Technology in the classroom has the potential to be beneficial if the program being used works well and is easy for students to navigate. However, some flaws have surfaced with this issue. Often times, some methods of technological learning are not tested before use to see if they actually provide students with the tools they need to succeed. Students should not be the very first to try out a new program, because this could end up creating a frustrating learning environment. Instead, educators or some higher power should test out the program to check if it is easy to use, effective, and efficient.

Most would think that being able to use electronics in class distracts students. However, the benefits are far better than the detriments. Students can connect with each other through programs that allow them to share ideas. However, the downside lies in possible flawed programs that might prolong students’ work due to confusion within the system.

Keeping up with society is the best way to stay in touch with friends, family, and work, so we need to accept change. We utilize the internet for practically everything. Whether it is homework or texting friends, it is everywhere. The new generation of students must adapt to the changing world so they will be ready for their future… which will involve technology and electronics that they will inevitably have to use. We are surrounded by electronic devices everywhere we go, so we should use them to our advantage. After all, they’re not going away.