Essentials for a top pop hit


Spencer Stone, Staff Writer

Every car ride I hear the same thirty songs, all written the same way. How hard can it actually be to become a pop musician and earn fame? With new technology you do not even need to have a good singing voice. All you need is a catchy song and some money and you are set. Writing the perfect hit song is the hard part, and even that seems simple enough.

  1. In the beginning of every song say your name at least three times. You have to make sure the listener can hear your name. If you only say your name once they will not notice, but once the listener starts getting annoyed you know you are doing it right.
  2. Appeal to your audience. The teenage girl demographic is an easy target. As long as you are a cute boy with nice hair and minimal singing talent, you will make it. But after a few years the craze will bypass, and the teenage girls will find a new indie band to listen to. This is where boy bands and pop sensations fade away.
  3. Find a guy or girl to write about. The majority of songs in general are written about love, or seeking love. This is a sure recipe for success. Creating a hypothetical girl with blue eyes, brown hair and a cute smile is easy. Just add some cutesy adjectives about her and describe why you love her/want her. This works effectively for boy bands, which is pretty weird considering that all of them are singing about the same girl.
  4. Repeat yourself. Repeat yourself. Repeat yourself. The best way for your hit song to catch on is for the audience to sing the lyrics to others. Having a banger that everyone knows the chorus to instantly creates a good time. In iheartmemphis’s song “Hit The Quan” he repeats his chorus six times. This is essential at parties when you do not want to put a song on repeat but also want to sing the chorus at the top of your lungs with all your friends.
  5. Keep your hit upbeat and do not over-think the lyrics. One-hit wonders tend to be simple, light hearted songs. This summer, The Weeknd released a cheery banger with little depth in the lyrics. “Can’t Feel My Face” brings happiness immediately to the listener which lets them escape into a trance of joy.
  6. Have your own signature. Fetty Wap mastered this technique through his “SQUAAA” and “YAAAA BABY” shouts and Pitbull’s world famous signature of “Mr. Worldwide” truly captures his universalness. These words seem unimportant, but in reality these few words have the ability to let you say who you are and tell the world you mean business.

Add all these components into that catchy tune and you’ll be crowned lyrical king of summer.