Let’s support the president


President Obama

Ryan Eason, staff writer

As many of you know, our nation was just affected by a raging storm. I’m not referring to Hurricane Sandy, it was the 2012 elections.

As one of the few events in the nation that truly affect all of us, we become frighteningly divided at the thought of who will take the seat in the Oval Office. The two camps hurl insults and clever comebacks tediously until friendships are tainted and families are torn.

But of course, there could only be one winner.

It was decided late on Nov. 6 that Barack Obama would serve in office for another four years. The whole nation, including our students, immediately asked, “What is he going to do now?”

But instead of worrying about what the President is going to do, we need to think about what we are going to do. We have two options; support our president or whine about him.

So far, there has been far too much whining. Threats to move to Canada, calls for a recount, and taunting Obama’s supporters have become commonplace on Facebook, Twitter, and some bold enough to share their opinions face to face.

Ladies and gentlemen of Carlsbad High, let’s support of the president. We may have the freedom to speak, but speaking can’t change the results. Bad-mouthing the situation can only cause more division, and that’s the last thing this country needs.

We are in a critical time in our nation; hopefully one that is a bridge between former hard times and future prosperity. Now more than ever, it is so important for us to drop our selfish pride, forget our differences, and come together under the head of state, whether you like President Obama or not. I ask that we do this not as loyal Democrats or as flexible Republicans, but simply as Americans.

Besides, Canada doesn’t want us there anyway.