Two cheers for Gryffindor King and Queen


Jessica Streich

Shortly after being crowned, the king and queen smile toward the audience. Seniors Marc Reina and Maddy Oas were elected by fellow classmates among 12 court nominees.

Beautiful gowns and sparkling crowns (with the added touch of magic). ASB went all out for this year’s assembly, incorporating creative banners and decorations that highlighted the Harry Potter theme. For arguably the most important part of Homecoming week, students gathered in the gym to discover 2013’s Homecoming king and queen.

Before the announcement, Sound Express and Lancer Dancers entertained the antsy crowd with entrancing performances. Yet soon, time ticked down to the proclamation. Looking flawless as ever, Princesses Maddie Oas, Ashlyn Sprinkle, Jacklelyn Gonzalez, Vanessa Gomez and Kendall Newby each walked arm and arm with Princes Marc Reina, Declan Savage, Vincent Barone, Garret Snyder and Richard Alencaster.

“I am so nervous when I am in front of people, even when I am on CHSTV,” Oas said. “So when I had to walked up on stage, I was so scared. I really thought I was going to trip on my heels.”

The audience grew silent as English teacher Mr. Spanier began to speak. As it turned out, Reina reined supreme, securing Homecoming king; cheers roared as Reina received the customary crown, sash and robe.

“I was so shocked when I heard my name,” Reina said. “I could not believe that I had won. It felt really surreal, and I was very happy to represent Carlsbad.”

Next, in the spirit of the Harry Potter theme, to determine the homecoming queen each princess opened a box with the hopes that a golden snitch would float up. Ecstatic, Oas released the golden balloon from her box.

“When I saw the balloon fly out I was so shocked. I was so happy that I had won,” Oas said. “I felt so honored when I found out that people had nominated me as their Homecoming queen. I still do not know why I won, but I am grateful for everything that happened.”

As king and queen, Reina and Oas had the honor of riding in the Lancer Day Parade.  In addition, the entire court performed a special routine during the football game’s half-time show.

“Before the half-time show, we only rehearsed the dance once,” Oas said. ” When we went on the field, we had no idea what we were doing, but we tried to have fun with it.”

Another Homecoming has past: another great football game, a wonderful king and queen, and, once again, a successful Lancer Day for CHS.