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Mackenzie Huemoller, 10

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Mackenzie Huemoller, 10

Nichelle Fene, staff writer

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Mackenzie Huemoller is a junior varsity cheerleader, whose motivation is cheering with friends and supporting the sports teams. She looks forward to two more years in cheer at Carlsbad.

Lancer Link: How long have you’ve been Cheerleading and how did you get into Cheerleading?

Mackenzie Huemoller: I’ve been cheering for three years now, and I got started in Pop Warner. Then I came to the high school and cheered.

LL: What do you like about Cheerleading?

MH: I like supporting the football team and the basketball team and doing it with my friends.

LL: How have you prepared to be on the team?

MH: Outside, I do tumbling and sometimes I will get together with some of my friends that are on cheer and stunt with them. Tumbling is practicing cheerleading skills, like back hand springs and round offs.

LL: Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

MH:  I would say my big sister because she’s super successful and she really loves what she does. She is an intern for the Dallas Cowboys and she is just a super motivated person.

LL: What is one moment in your sport that you will never forget?

MH: I don’t really have one specific moment, but my favorite moments are being with my friends.

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Mackenzie Huemoller, 10