The university experience

Alyssa Miller, Features Editor

What comes after high school. What comes after you leave CHS on graduation day. For some, they stay in Carlsbad and maintain a stable job, but for most, they are ready for a higher level education; college. Many graduates attend local community colleges that allow them to stay close to home and their families, but for the rest who seek a college diploma, they head to a university.

The list of benefits for attending a university after high school is a long one. One of the top reasons would be new experiences. High school graduates move all over the world to attend the university that they were accepted to. This allows for a new beginning, chances to make new friends, and build a life for yourself. For 2017 CHS graduate Taylor Hollingsworth, she looked forward to the new experiences heading her way. Considering Hollingsworth spent 18 years in Carlsbad, she was ready to move across the country to New York and attend Marymount Manhattan College.

“I chose a university over a community college simply because I think I was ready to jump into the university experience,” Hollingsworth said. “I also really wanted to get out of Carlsbad and the environment I was in, I was ready for a change of pace and a new set of challenges.”

Another reason a university experience was better suited for Hollingsworth was because of her aspirations for her future successes. As a dance major, a community college would not allow the same opportunities as a university would. This is also known to be true for other majors. For some fields of work, a community college level education may not cut it.

I was ready for a change of pace and a new set of challenges.”

— Taylor Hollingsworth

“I understand that not everyone is ready to go to a University right away,” Hollingsworth said. “But I found that for the field I am going into time is of the essence so I wanted to jump into the program and begin my training right away.”

The benefits of a university college experience spark interest in many high school students. One of these students being junior Nicole Burke. For similar reasons as Hollingsworth, Burke hopes to attend a university after high school. Burke has been a motivated and determined student throughout her high school career in order to reach her goal of being accepted to a prestigious college in her near future.

“I want to go to straight to a four year university mainly because I want to dive into whatever major I choose,” Burke said. “I know community college can still give me a great education, but I want to live and be surrounded by people who hope to achieve similar educational goals. When you live in the place that you go to school, away from your parents and everything, I think you are able to focus in on building your future and experience things that you would not be able to if you lived at home and attended a community college.”

While any educational experience, whether that be going to a university or a community college, is good, a university experience definitely has its perks to it. From living on your own, an in depth study of your major, being surrounded by thousands of new people and experiencing new things, it is understandable why so many people work as hard as they do in high school so that they can attend the university of their choosing.