FEATURED ATHLETE: Chad Hamner, tennis

Nichelle Fene, Staff Writer

Chad Hamner has been an avid tennis player most of his life and enjoys participating in tennis matches. Although he will not continue playing at the college level, he hopes to play for fun as an adult.

Lancer Link: How many years have you been playing tennis?

Chad Hamner: “I’ve been playing tennis since I was about five years old, but I’ve been playing tennis every year in high school. I started as a varsity tennis player in my freshman year.”

LL: How did you start playing tennis?

CH: “Well, my mom used to play a lot of tennis, so she’s kind of a natural, and she took me to the tennis courts and, I picked up a racket and so I started swinging now. And here I am now.”

LL: What college are you going to?

CH: “I’m gonna go to UC Berkeley, but I’m probably not to play tennis there.”

LL: What do you plan to do in college for tennis?

CH: “Well, I like to keep on playing tennis, but I’m definitely not good enough to play like at the actual collegiate level, so if I play, it’ll be just for fun.

LL: What do you like about tennis?

CH: “Well, you know, it’s a lot of fun and it’s all on you. I get to control exactly of how I want to play, and I know the outcome of the match it’s just depending on me alone, so I really come up with my own strategies and actually do everything myself and it’s a lot more personalized. So that’s why I liked it.”

LL: If you could play any other sport, what will it be and why?

CH: “I might do a sport like, ultimate frisbee or something. I’m not t00 much of a big fan of soccer, maybe baseball. Yeah, let’s go with baseball.”

LL: What are you most proud of?

CH: “I’m really proud of getting on varsity tennis as a freshman because my brother was a senior and so we had to play together and it was a lot of fun and I was happy I got to do that”.