Top Ten ways to beat the heat

Megan Schoen, Features Editor

During the months of September and October, the days get shorter, the Pumpkin Spice latte makes a reappearance and we all expect to feel the “fall is in the air” sensation.  Yet all we feel is heat. Blazing, sweltering, it-shouldn’t-be-like-this-we-live-by-the-beach heat. How do we, humble Southern Californians, accustomed to the postcard perfect weather, cope with this horrible onset of desert inferno?

1. Air Conditioning: Even if you don’t have precious blasts of cold air coming out of your vents at home, do not despair. Go to a friend’s house, Starbucks, or even the frozen food section of Costco. Yes, this requires you to actually move, but it will be worth it once you get there.

2. Get a Smoothie: Whether you are a Jamba Juice fan or a die hard Beach City Smoothies veteran, a fruity, icy drink will quench your thirst and cool your body down.

3. Beach/Lagoon: When all else fails, follow your natural Carlsbadian urge. Go to the beach. Nothing is better than diving into a wave on a 90 degree day. Also, if you want to dodge the crowds, the Carlsbad Lagoon is a surprisingly tranquil place to escape the heat (and everyone else).

4. Community Pool: Just imagine cannon-balling into a pool at the peak of the blazing heat. Although not all of us are fortunate enough to have a pool in our backyards, it does not mean all hope is lost. If you check out the brand new Alga Norte Aquatics Center, you may find it to be even better than expected.

5. Ice Cream: I SCREAM YOU SCREAM WE ALL SCREAM FOR COLDER WEATHER! (and ice cream). No but seriously, it’s creamy and delicious and most importantly, cold. So yes, ice cream is always a good option.

6. Water Parks: Whether it be Legoland, Wave, or that new SeaWorld park that took over Knotts Soak City (no one really knows what it’s called), water parks cater to every desire. You can be lazy in the river, or wild in the rapids. They are like magical worlds of water.

7. Water Balloon Fight: Channel your inner eight-year-old, get together a group of friends and unleash your pent up anger, all while cooling yourself off from the sun’s unforgiving rays.

8. Drink cold water: This is by far the most basic and obvious option on the list, and yet it is probably the most satisfying. A long sip of ice cold water quenches your thirst all while bringing your body temperature down and ultimately giving you a nice refreshed feeling.

9. Lie on the couch with a fan blowing on you: No one really likes to do anything on a scorching hot day. So don’t. One option is always to just lie on the couch dreaming of those magical winter days. Also, if you have one, a fan is a great addition to this scenario, for at least you get a little relief.

10. Do a tribal rain dance and ask for rain: This is your last option once everything else has failed. If you have done the nine above mentioned things and you still are suffering from the unforgiving blaze, the final option is to go outside and dance for rain. At this point, anything is worth a shot.