Matthew Kenney, 12

Allie Gordon, staff writer

With its variety of events, track and field seems to have something to offer every student athlete. However one event stands out, combining speed, flexibility and more tactics than one might think: the hurdles. Although hurdles may appear intimidating, senior Matthew Kenney welcomes the challenge every spring.

Lancer Link: How did you start running track?

Matthew Kenney: My sister started running track when she was eight, so I started running when I was six. I guess I just never stopped.

LL: How is hurdling different than other track events?

MK: Hurdles take a lot more technique than other events. A lot more practice is required on how to get over the hurdles, not just speed.

LL: What sacrifices have you made for track?

MK: It takes away from homework and studying, but overall it’s still a good experience.

LL: Why do you enjoy track?

MK: It’s a family kind of sport, and I like hanging out with my friends. The challenge of running is also fun, in its way.

LL: What gives you motivation to compete?

MK: Motivation comes from my coach Charles Daniels. He helps me every day to run faster and compete harder.

LL: What advice would you give to younger athletes?

MK: Don’t e afraid to go out and try sports, because it makes high school a lot more fun, and just a lot better.