Matthew Deemer, 11

Matthew Deemer, 11

Scott Snow, staff writer

They come like lightening, quick, explosive, and unforgettable -thundering with the low murmur of a crowd in awe. Having been selected to the California State Club team twice, and an international team under the PSC, junior goalkeeper Matt Deemer has protected nets far and wide. But he doesn’t talk about it all that much. He lets others do his talking for him. He’s as humble as can be.

LL: How did you start playing soccer?

MD: It seems like everyone tries soccer as a little kid. For me it just clicked.

LL: And when did that become more serious?

MD: When I was thirteen years old I had my first tryout for the California State Team. A panel of coaches selects forty athletes for an evaluation. I didn’t make the team. After that I became more focused. I stopped playing baseball, began working with USD keeper coach Guierrmo Rodriguez, and the journey began from there.

LL: What sacrifices have you had to make?

MD: I train everyday. It can be difficult to find time for other things -friends for instance- but it helps when I have so many of them on the field.

LL: So why do you enjoy soccer?

MD: One word: competition.

LL: What gives you that motivation to compete?

MD: I like the focus the position requires. You know the entire game can rest on your shoulders and one mistake may be all it takes. I’m also a captain this year and honored to lead such a great group of guys. All that together it isn’t hard o get motivated.

LL: What advice would you give to younger athletes?

MD: Don’t let height be a factor on whether or not to be a keeper. Other things are more important. That, and determination.