Andrew Deng, 12


Scott Snow, staff writer

Some choose music, some choose school, but senior Andrew Deng has chosen the heartbeat of basketballs to keep the rhythm in his life. Beginning as a young athlete, Andrew fell into a lifestyle of love for his sport and now shines on the mens varstiy basketball team. As a second year member he understands not only what it requires to excel in sport, but applies these lessons to the rest of his life as well. Besides that, he’s everyone’s favorite person.

LL:how did you get into your sport?

AD: I started in third grade. My brother played and I looked up to him -he got me to start playing and I made a bunch of friends on the team. We weren’t good when we began, but that changed.

LL: What sacrifices have you made for your sport?

AD: A lot of time, sleep, tears, blood, and sweat.

LL: Why do you enjoy basketball?

AD: It’s very uptempo; you have to be engaged 100% of the time. Plus all my friends play it.

LL: What motivates you to compete?

AD: Seeing my hard work pay off, winning for myself, my family and team. After countless hours and shot, practices on the track, working all year round, I know its worth it when I see the way we come together on the track.

LL: Any advice for younger players?

AD: Stick with it. You have to want it and work for it. When obstacles come, don’t let them stop you -overcoming then will be the key to your success.