What are you doing to prevent senioritis from happening this year?

Emilee Emamjomeh

At the beginning of second semester, most seniors begin to slack on their school work and develop the infamous “disease” senioritis. However, rather than skipping school and giving into this epidemic, some seniors are taking extra precautions to stay focused in school.

Tori Kullmann, Senior

“I’m taking really hard classes, so that prevents me from having senioritis.”

Camille Posard, Senior

“I’m taking electives and a free period on top of my AP classes to balance things out.”

Andrew Khayat, Senior

“I chose to have a lot of electives to motivate me to go to my classes, so I don’t feel like I have a lot of work.”

Spencer Sullivan, Senior

“I took a lot of easy classes, so there is no pressure on me to have senioritis.”