New teacher brings fresh outlook to the classroom


Juliet Luty, assistant editor

Young, new and enthusiastic, the recent addition of Mrs. Marquet to the Carlsbad High School staff brings yet another teacher who is excited about the opportunity to educate.

“I noticed they were hiring and always loved the district, so I jumped at the opportunity to interview and I was thrilled when I got hired,” Marquet said.

Marquet is passionate about her new job and loves nothing more than seeing her students learn and really understand a concept.

“Seeing the light bulb go off [is my favorite part of teaching],” Marquet said. “When you’re up there and you are the only one who can see all of the students’ faces, I love the ‘oh’ expression and when students’ faces light up.”

Marquet teaches juniors in her US history class as well as government for the seniors. She hopes that what she is teaching her students now will be useful to them in the future, especially the seniors.

“I picked [history and government] because I like teaching kids close to eighteen because what I am teaching them now, they will soon use,”  Marquet said.

Not only does the curriculum matter to Marquet, but she wants to guide students so when they enter the adult world, they will have a positive impact on society.

“I think it is important as a teacher to create good citizens,” Marquet said.

Beyond this, Marquet absolutely loves what she does. She enthusiastically approaches each class and her attitude creates a fun classroom environment.

“I absolutely love my job and I go home with a huge smile on my face,” Marquet said. “I wouldn’t want to do anything else in the world.”