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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

    Photo club captures the interest of students


    Photo Club, a new club on campus, allows students to meet every third week of the month to share their similar interests of photography.  It provides an opportunity for students who are unable to join the photography class to experience the same environment.

    “Photo club is a great place to share ideas, learn about photography and make new friends,”club president and senior Kayla Duplack said.

    So far this year, they have held only two meetings.  Unfortunately, one occurred on the same day as the blackout.  So truly, photo club has just started.

    The first meeting opened up with a special presentation by Ms. Valentine, a famous wedding photographer.  She discussed her career as a photographer, went over her job as the owner of her own business and explained the fine points of photography.

    The club will teach the basic workings of a camera, but also encourage students to pursue careers in this field.

    “We learned a lot about photo commercial,” sophomore Ray Inoue said. “It’s a great way to learn how to incorporate photography in our lives.”

    Sharing the love of photography beyond the school campus is one aim of this club. In the future, Ms. Burroughs, the adviser, hopes that photo club will teach students to take a deeper interest of the careers associated with photography.

    “It’s my hope that they would help the community,” Burroughs said. “Photography can bring awareness and help with fundraisers.”

    With many future goals and plans, the officers have new activities ranging from hands-on workshops to more meetings with professional photographers.  In fact, in an upcoming meeting, photo club will be bringing guest speaker, Jerry Chen, to share his experience in photography. Chen, a  former CHS photography student, now attends Brook Institute of Technology.

    “People should come in. It’s a great way to get involved,” the club’s vice-president and senior Molly Maddocks said.

    The most important goal of the club is not to take perfect photos, but to create an environment for all photographers to share their experiences and ideas.

    “We all get to know each other and it’s really fun,” Maddocks said. “We have a lot of guest speakers come in, and you just share your love for photography.”

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    Photo club captures the interest of students