Spirit week super hero: TR

Shelby Rowe, Editor in Chief

For the past 43 years, TR, the ASB advisor,  has been spreading Lancer spirit across the campus and has yet to disappoint.  TR’s outstanding effort and passion are only the few reasons why Spirit Week is put on year after year, which is why he is Carlsbad High School’s Spirit Week Super Hero.

Lancer Link: How much time have you put into Spirit Week?

TR: Months. It’s huge. There are multitudinous things to pull of.

Lancer Link: What have you done to prepare for Spirit Week?

TR: Well, we first start with an idea for the theme and have to plan the dress up days around it. Then, we have to decide which class represents which specific super hero. We have to set up committees and call companies, place bids. We also have to get out nominations for court and have a committee count them. Students and teachers help out a lot, but it’s just one thing after another.

Lancer Link: Are there any surprises for the Lancer Day assembly or during half time for the Homec0ming game?

TR: There’s always something at the end of half time. Carlsbad High School graduate, Sal Masekela is going to be at the assembly and put into the Hall of Fame along with many others.

The members of ASB worked with TR daily to prepare for Spirit Week, so The Lancer Link asked a few members how much effort TR really puts into Spirit Week.

Shannon Caulfield: He puts all his hard work into making spirit week come out amazing! He tells ASB what we need to do and tell us his ideas! Then we combine our ideas with his to make a great week!

Shyenn So: He works super hard and we can all tell because he gets all grouchy! To be honest, he is very much needed, but ASB does the really hard work. He is just there for the final decisions, but we couldn’t do it without him.