A reflection of high school through the decades


Mr. Aster flashes back to the past to show his school spirit for decades dress up day.

Scott De Taboada and Jack Beetham, Staff Writers

The high school experience changes frequently and alters the way students act. Students and their trends transform as the decades pass, and teachers reflect on how much high school has really changed.

According to Mr. Fieberg, the decades have affected a students wardrobe both on and off campus.

“When I was in high school, baggy flannels were really in style. Fashion has changed a lot since then,” Fieberg said.

Along with fashion, technology has drastically changed over the years. The internet, among other technological advances, have affected a student’s learning experience. For most of the teachers, including Mr. Fieberg, technology has greatly changed through the decades, even as close as the 90s.

“I was at school in the 90s, and I would say that the use of technology has increased. The teachers and students both use it,” Fieberg said. “Kids can now Google what they want and have it in a fraction of a second.”

The use of new equipment in schools is ever increasing and has not gone unnoticed. Kids are continuously introduced to new advances of technology and teachers are skeptical of its benefits.

“Nowadays it’s ‘I’ this and ‘I’ that. When we had our cell phones out they were taken right away,” science professor Mr. Dolnik said.

With this new way of teaching both the teachers and students do not have to apply themselves as much compared to former generations.

“This new technology makes it so students don’t have to work as hard,” Fieberg said.

Spirit and fashion are not the only things that have changed over the years. Spirit, too, seems to have been altered by time.

“Kids don’t believe in participating in school activities because its ‘not cool,’ students care too much about what their friends think,” campus security Tony Sullivan said. “The spirit has gone away.”

But spirit isn’t necessarily a matter of the decades. According to English teacher Marisa Meinhardt, spirit may just be lacking here at Carlsbad High School.

“I really don’t know if the decades have too much to do with our spirit. I have worked at other schools, and we’re the only school that doesn’t have too much,” Ms. Meinhardt said. “Some of the problem is the price that comes along with participation.”

School participation may be a matter of the school in which a student attends. Here at Carlsbad High School, spirit might lack due to students opinions on attending school sponsored events and participating in dress up days.

“Students no longer attend dances,” Ms. Meinhardt said. “Apathy is boring.”