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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

    Chelsie Donohue paves the way for young performers

    To most of us, being famous sounds like a far-off dream. An unreachable goal, managed by only a select few. But, for Senior Chelsie Donohue, fame isn’t just a dream- it’s likely to become a reality.

    “I started singing in middle school and I knew then I wanted to be a performer,” Donohue said.

    Singing, dancing and acting since middle school, Donohue  has been completely devoted to becoming the best performer she can be.

    “I just love it, it’s what I do best,” Donohue said.

    That love for performing paid off.  This year Donohue not only received the lead part of  “Juliet” in Sound Express, she also received the leading role in the spring musical, “Urine Town.”

    “It’s a lot of work. Everyday after school I have ‘Urine Town’ practice from 3-5, then after that, I have Sound Express practice for another three hours,” Donohue said.

    Sound like a lot? That’s not all the budding performer has on her plate. She also manages to squeeze in private singing lessons, at-home practices and homework into her jam-packed schedule.

    “It’s a lot to handle, but It’s worth it to do what I love,” Donohue said.

    Donohue accredits her decision to be involved with musical theater to the past school plays she has seen.

    “I saw Sweeny Todd [the musical the school did two years ago] and loved it! It made me realize musical theater is where I needed to be. I tried out for the school play “Footloose” the following year and received a leading role. I’ve stuck with musical theater ever since,” Donohue said.

    Although musical theater may be a relatively new love for Donohue, singing and performing are not.

    “I’ve been a member of the performing group Sound Express since sophomore year and that has really helped me grow as a performer,” Donohue said.

    This year, Sound Express are doing the classic “Rome and Juliet” with Donohue as their leading lady.

    “Sound Express has helped me tremendously with my performing. Especially this year, having the opportunity to be a featured performer, it’s just a really great opportunity,” Donohue said.

    Not only is the group a wonderful experience for Donohue, it’s also an ample opportunity for her to showcase her talent outside of Carlsbad High School.

    “It’s really cool. Whenever we go to different high schools to perform, I always have people coming up to me and telling me how much they enjoyed the set and my performance. It makes the experience that much more amazing!” Donohue said.

    Not only does Donohue receive accolades from her fellow peers, but accolades from watching judges as well. She received best performer at one of the group’s competitions:  a huge accomplishment for someone who’s life revolves around performing.

    With such big accomplishments in her senior year, Donohue hopes for a bright future after high school. She realizes making her dream of being a Broadway performer won’t be easy. It will mean a lot of hard-work and dedication, but for someone with a passion like Chelise has, that dream will surely become a reality.

    “After I graduate, I’m going to attend Palomar College for two years where I will continuing my study of music, acting, theater and television. After that, I hope to transfer to an esteemed performing arts college that will help prepare me for Broadway,” Donohue said.


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    Chelsie Donohue paves the way for young performers