Girls volleyball makes history


Danielle Ryan

The girls volleyball team progesses to the state championships after beating Newport Harbor in the regional finals last Tuesday.

Shelby Wardell, Reporter

The varsity girls volleyball team has had amazing success in their season so far. Senior Maeve Estrada and junior Auburn Tomkinson share how it has been making history with their team.

This season the girls’ volleyball team qualified for CIF making history at CHS. Estrada explains how this has changed her entire high school experience.

“It was crazy especially because it’s my senior year and for a lot of us we have been playing together for 3 years,” Estrada said. “It was just that finally, everything paid off.”

This has been such a big accomplishment for these girls and has brought them closer than ever. Tomkinson tells us how it has been making history with her team.

“It was definitely really exciting for my team and me because we made history like no other girls volleyball team has made it to CIF before,” Tomkinson said. “It was really crazy for us and being able to celebrate with them was one of the best experiences.”

Due to COVID, their last season went down the drain. Estrada shares how they have stayed prepared to come back bigger and better.

“What helped us the most is that we constantly are making new plays during practice and making backup plans so if someone gets hurt we are always prepared,” Estrada said. “Especially last year we didn’t have a season and it really sucked, it has just been so surreal and for some of us it hasn’t even really sunk in.”

For some of these girls, this has been a life-changing experience. Estrada tells us how this couldn’t have been a more perfect year.

“We always say with each other that pressure is a privilege and it’s a privilege to be able to go to these big competitions and have our friends and family be able to come to watch us,” Estrada said. “Before games, we always go into the team room and we’ll give each other a big pep talk and get our minds ready. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better team.”