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News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

News for the Carlsbad High School Community

The Lancer Link

Through the eyes of the athletes

Three freshmen athletes dive deeper into their experiences trying out for the spring sports season.

With spring sports starting up at Carlsbad High School, the students are working to prepare and practice for the upcoming season. Freshman Reagan Biggie plays on varsity softball, freshman Vivienne Adams plays on varsity lacrosse and freshman Cheney Burkholder plays on JV lacrosse. Offering a first-hand experience in to the tryouts can give curious students an idea of how the athletes prepare, general feelings throughout the process and how students looking to try out next season can prepare for the tryouts.

Lancer Link: What is one thing you are going to do to prepare for tryouts?
Freshman Reagan Biggie: “I am going to be in the weight room all the time, practice in the cages and go to the park all the time.”
Freshman Cheney Burkholder: “I have been practicing every day and I have been having morning and night practices to prepare.”
Freshman Vivian Addams: “I am going to practice a lot and run twice a week to keep my endurance before tryouts.”

LL: Why do you want to play this sport?
RB: “I have been playing softball for a long time and it’s just a really big part of my life. It just makes me feel really happy.”
CB: “It is something I really enjoy and I get to hang out with my friends.”
VA: “I find it enjoyable to get out on the field and play with my teammates. Also, there is no stress that comes with it.”

LL: What are you nervous/excited for during tryouts?
RB: “I am nervous because there are a lot of new people. Also, I’m a freshman, so people don’t really know who I am yet. I am excited for the cool opportunities that the season brings.”
CB: “I am excited to see who is going to show up and what everyone is going to be doing at tryouts.”
VA: “I am nervous because there will be a ton of upperclassmen there, but I do know a lot of people trying out, so it will be fun.”

LL: How did you feel you did at tryouts?
RB: “I feel like I did pretty well, I was playing at a competitive level with the varsity girls and I hit really well.”
CB: “At the first tryout I was a little nervous but really excited to get out there and show the coaches what I can do. I feel I did pretty well at the first tryout and was on top of it. The second one was a little rough, but I managed and had a lot of fun.”
VA: “At tryouts, I was super nervous at first, but as soon as I started playing the nerves started to wear off and I didn’t feel as much pressure. I was just having fun.”

LL: What is one thing you feel like you could’ve done better at?
RB: “I think I could’ve played first base a little smarter. Maybe have made some better decisions by moving off the base, grabbing the ball and getting my face more behind my glove to pick the ball better.”
CB: “One thing I feel I could’ve done better is probably my mindset. Near the end of try outs I was super tired and I should’ve been keeping a good mentality to pull through.”
VA: “I feel like I could’ve done better at communicating with others around me, as sometimes it would get confusing because myself and others weren’t talking to each other.”

LL: Was there anything that surprised you at tryouts?
RB: “I was surprised by the amount of girls that were there and how many different levels girls were playing at.”
CB: “The thing that surprised me the most at tryouts was the people that were trying out for each team. I was really surprised about how many people that tried out for varsity.”
VA: “At try outs I was surprised that we didn’t do full-field scrimmages. Instead, they separated us into groups and started by doing 3v2s or 1v1s and then later on we went to 7v7s. Even though we didn’t do scrimmages, I still feel like I was able to show how I play during a game and my ability to play lacrosse.”

LL: What are some goals you have for the upcoming season?
RB: “I want to play competitively by mentally preparing for my games and playing at the highest level I can. I also want to play for my team and be able to back [others]up whenever [I] can.”
CB: “I want to play as much as I can, get as many goals as possible and win my games.”
VA: “ Some of my goals are to get a bunch of turnovers and ground balls, really work hard during games and start as much as I can.

LL: What are some things you are going to try to improve on?
RB: “I want to work on staying mentally engaged during practice and games. Also focusing on the bigger picture and playing, not just for myself, but for my teammates too. Lastly, [I want to improve] my batting average.”
CB: “I want to improve on my shots because I feel like they have been a little rough recently.”
VA: “I am definitely going to try to improve my communication skills so my teammates and I can know what we are doing and play better. Also marking my players and not letting anyone pass me.”

LL: What could you do differently next tryouts?
RB: “I could focus more on the little things, like footwork, my arm positioning when I throw and getting my hand behind the ball when I pitch.”
CB: “For next year’s try outs, I would like to get there a little earlier to show that I really want to be there on the team.”
VA: “Next tryouts I could definitely be a little bit more vocal and not be as shy towards other people. Now [that I’m] on the team, I will know a lot more people so it will be easier to communicate.”

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Chloe Stevens is a freshman at Carlsbad High School. This is her first year as a reporter on the Lancer Link staff. She enjoys surfing and playing soccer. Her dream career is to be a Journalist and she is very excited to be writing for the Lancer Link website.

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